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In 2013, the Mexican government implemented energy reforms that opened up its fuel markets to outside investment for the first time ever, creating unique opportunities and challenges for business looking to expand across the border. Market liberalization continues to fundamentally transform Mexico’s energy sector in 2018, with concerns like securing fuel supply, developing a pricing strategy for gasoline, diesel, LPG and natural gas and maximizing ROI for station owners, gas and oil companies, refiners, and traders.

OPIS (Oil Price Information Service) is the long-time fuel price standard for supply contracts in the United States. Our data, news and analysis help stakeholders across the fuel supply chain navigate market volatility and buy and sell oil products with confidence. Download this handy OPIS overview infographic for a quick overview of what we do, or the OPIS brochure for more details on products to help your cross-border business succeed.

Download The Road to Liberalized Markets in Mexico: An OPIS Primer for a free guide to key developments in the cross-border fuels market. 

Here's how OPIS can help you navigate the changing cross-border fuel markets:

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OPIS can help you succeed in Mexico.

Price Reports Provide Transparency

Mexico Gasoline and Diesel Rack Prices

Get retail and implied wholesale pricing in the developing Mexican fuel market with daily rack prices at all terminals in Mexico. OPIS is the first pricing agency to calculate implied wholesale costs in this market.

  • Includes rack pricing for 6 U.S. border cities to showcase import/export opportunities
  • View information in English or Spanish and US $/gal or Pesos/liter
  • View implied wholesale prices calculated 2 ways:
  • Retail Minus: OPIS Retail averages, adjusted for margin, freight, VAT and IEPS taxes. Plus, customize your view to include or exclude taxes, and toggle Pemex prices on or off.
  • Spot Plus: Gulf Coast Waterborne spot numbers, adjusted for storage, pipeline, additive and other transportation costs.
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OPIS Mexico Racks
Trucks at Rack

Gasoline & Diesel Rack Prices

OPIS rack prices, as the industry benchmark, are used in wholesale transactions and supply contracts to give both parties an independent and unbiased price to reference. Available in nearly 400 markets throughout the U.S., including locations along the Mexico-U.S. border for critical import/export decisions. 

  • Negotiate and benchmark profitable fuel contracts
  • Reconcile invoices, find best pricing and keep your suppliers honest
  • Available in a variety of formats, displays and timing to suit your business needs

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Spot Gasoline and Diesel Prices

We offer spot prices in a variety of delivery and timing formats to meet your real-time needs. With a spot market poised to emerge in Monterrey, it's critical to follow the relationship and direction of markets on both sides of the border.

  • The OPIS Spot Ticker shows live spot refined products as they trade in key U.S. markets, including confirmed spot deals throughout the day. Use it to anticipate volatility and time your transactions to save money, particularly in the dynamic Gulf Coast. Start a free 10-day trial.
  • The OPIS West Coast Spot Market Report is the industry standard for pricing all refined products in the nation’s most volatile petroleum market. This daily publication includes pricing and commentary. Start a free 10-day trial.

OPIS Spot Ticker
Global LPG Ticker

Spot LPG Prices

Mexico’s LPG Prices hit a historic high in 2017. Get critical price transparency in order to verify your deliveries and ensure you are not being overcharged.

  • The OPIS North America LPG Report gives you access to comprehensive spot pricing, news and analysis for propane, butane, ethane and natural gasoline. Start a free 5-day trial.
  • The OPIS Global LPG Ticker lets you track LPG prices and monitor arbitrage relationships in real time. Start a free 10-day trial.

Natural Gas Prices

OPIS offers a cost-effective natural gas price benchmark delivered both daily and monthly. Rely on OPIS for an accurate and reliable point of reference for your supply contracts in Mexico.

  • Negotiate better spot and term fuel contracts with a reliable natural gas price index.
  • Daily prices in 88 markets across the U.S and Canada, plus the monthly Bidweek Report so you can index contracts for the next month.

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OPIS Intraday News Alerts

Intraday News Alerts

With so much changing in Mexico’s fuel markets on a daily basis, rely on OPIS news coverage to keep you up to date on the latest regulatory, branding, infrastructure, political and import/export developments. Receive your news via email or the mobile app so you’re always in the know.

  • Make better business decisions with instant access to critical industry news on both sides of the border.
  • OPIS editors provide insightful analysis so you understand the implications of market updates.

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Combustibles en Mexico/Fuels in Mexico magazine

Written in dual English/Spanish format, this free magazine is published quarterly. Each issue features news, commentary and analysis on the downstream and midstream fuel sectors in Mexico to help you understand the unique challenges for fuel buyers and sellers on both sides of the border.

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Fuels in Mexico magazine

OPIS Blog 

Follow the OPIS blog for timely posts and tips for success in Mexico, including Tips on Branded & Unbranded Fuel in Mexico and Mexico Fuel Liberalization Map. Plus, follow along with our Pricing 101 Series to be sure you understand the basics of the fuel supply chain.

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Events & Training

Understand the opportunities, challenges and realities of doing business in Mexico at a variety of OPIS conferences throughout the year. Our events bring together industry experts from both sides of the border to discuss the evolving pricing, supply, infrastructure and regulatory landscape, all in a unique dual language format.

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OPIS events

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