Unraveling the Secrets of the OPIS Spot Ticker


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Over 12,000 users depend on the OPIS Spot Ticker for their daily gasoline and distillate buying and selling choices. These users range from petroleum marketers, wholesalers, retailers, blenders, and refiners to end-users. However, have you ever wondered about the OPIS Spot Ticker's capabilities?

Join renowned journalist Cory Wilchek, for the ‘Unraveling the Secrets of the OPIS Spot Ticker’ as he delves into a comprehensive examination of the ticker's functions and how to optimize its various components for more informed pricing decisions.

Drawing from over 15 years of experience in spot market coverage, he will provide expert guidance, navigating you through the OPIS Spot Ticker's elements and features. This journey will encompass not only the fundamentals but also unveil lesser-known features, ensuring your experience with the ticker is both efficient and effective.

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Spot Ticker 

Access live gasoline, diesel and jet fuel spot pricing throughout the trading day.

NYMEX oil futures fluctuate wildly on domestic and global events. This impacts the bulk physical spot refined product market, which spikes and dives in response to any supply chain disruption. And at 6pm every day, spot price moves directly influences prices to go up or down at the wholesale rack, which ripple down to gas and diesel prices at the pump.

The OPIS Spot Ticker connects you to this fuel price influence chain – in real-time, all day long. Access is available online. This pricing tool shows live NYMEX prices alongside real-time trades and expert assessments of every grade of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel East of the Rockies and on the U.S. West Coast.