The Linkage Question: Connecting the EU-UK Carbon Schemes


What are the challenges and advantages of linking Europe's cap-and-trade systems?

The United Kingdom and the European Union once formed part of the same carbon scheme -- the EU Emissions Trading System -- but the UK’s vote in favor of Brexit led to the creation of the country’s own cap-and-trade system in 2021. With the Labour Party ahead in the polls, the possibility of linking the UK carbon scheme with the EU has gained more traction, especially as the EU rolls out its carbon border adjustment mechanism and UK carbon prices have lagged far behind EU carbon prices for over a year.

Join OPIS and our esteemed panelists to learn more about how this linking would actually work, the challenges ahead and how linking could shape two of the most expensive carbon markets in the world.

Webinar panelists:

  • Humberto J.Rocha, Senior Journalist, OPIS 
  • Mark Lewis, Head of Climate Research at Andurand Capital
  • Prof. Raul Rosales, Strategic Engagement and Carbon Markets Lead at King's College of London's Faculty of Natural, Mathematical and Engineering Sciences (NMES)
  • Dr. Charlotte Unger, Senior Research Associate at the Research Institute for Sustainability at the Helmholtz Centre Potsdam

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