Part of the OPIS Fuel Focus Webinar Series:

Discover the impact of Russian sanctions on propane supply

Discussing the winter outlook for the North American propane market generally revolves around the weather, which no doubt remains a critical conversation. But the global stage is pushing ever further into the domestic market, impacting everyone from major global trading firms to mom-and-pop operations, and the war in Ukraine is behind a lot of today’s critical market developments.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The shift in global trade flows in the wake Russian sanctions
  • Disposition and position of propane stocks
  • Demand centers and drivers that will impact supply and pricing

Additionally, we have exclusive insights from a large wholesaler and retailer who is working on the ground in the Northeast, discussing both winter strategies as well as Energy Transition and the implications for the propane industry.

Join OPIS Global NGL/LPG Director Diane Miller and owner of Combined Energy Services (CES) Mike Taylor for an essential presentation on propane. 

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