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The five OPIS RetailSuite solutions are:

The OPIS RetailSuite is a single-stop resource to help you succeed in a fast-moving market with razor-thin profit margins. It is a game-changer for any retailer looking to improve market share, margin and volume performance as well as track local competitor pricing.

OPIS monitors over 3.5 million gasoline and diesel prices in real time for nearly 140,000 outlets in North America. The OPIS RetailSuite of five different tools places this accurate data at your disposal on a single online platform to give your stations a competitive edge in every market.



Protect profits & volumes

Protect your fuel profits and volumes by tracking local competitor retail fuel prices and margins from your computer or mobile device in real-time with PricePro. This simple tool puts a stop to manual store surveys and gives store managers the green light to focus on fuel pricing strategies, station operations, and customer service.

  • Get real-time prices and margins.
  • Set rules for monitoring competing stations.
  • React to instant alerts when your rules are violated.
  • Compare competitor historical prices.
  • Also available on the go with the PricePro mobile app!
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Uncover competitor trends

Discover fuel pricing and margin trends in your local area. Analyze your competitors over time to boost operating profits. AnalyticsPro is a winning solution that shows gas station and c-store operators the pricing tendencies of their competitors and opportunities to capture more volume and margin.

  • Compare locations and brands one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many in a single view.
  • Create interactive charts quickly and easily.
  • Identify new markets for potential acquisitions.
  • Learn real-time and historical market pricing.
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Discover fuel profits

Grade your profit performance against key competitors in any market. Get an exclusive look at margins over time for competing brands and price leaders with MarginPro.

  • Adjust the margin cost-basis for a more accurate picture of profits.
  • Scope out the best-performing markets that are ripe for expansion, while avoiding losing markets.
  • Enhance negotiating stance with suppliers to secure price reductions that commensurate with regional performance.
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Rank brand power

See which brands are successfully selling the most gallons in any given geography. Compare your brand’s volume and price differential against your competitors using MarketSharePro. Improve pricing strategies with this exclusive data.

  • Determine brand performance and efficiency by geographic region.
  • Identify brands that sell the most fuel.
  • See which brands price the most aggressively.
  • Analyze markets that are ripe for acquisitions.
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Get accurate volumes

Gain the advantage in your market by discovering and understanding localized sales trends including volume performance and profitability. Based on actual retail fuel sales data collected directly from station operators, DemandPro provides an accurate snapshot of weekly fuel sales to measure performance.

  • Includes data from high- and low-volume sites, providing an accurate picture of gasoline demand by market.
  • Surveyed stations include regional chains, national chains, new era marketers, and branded retailers.
  • Benchmark volume and profit performance at the state, regional, and national levels.
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