Profitable Frontiers: Explore Key Markets in 2023 with Prices Under the OPIS Rack Low


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OPIS tracks numerous proposed fuel transactions, often observing instances where values dip below the posted OPIS Rack Low. The private nature of many of these deals underscores the need for transparency, a gap filled by the OPIS Bottom Line Report. This report provides a clear snapshot of the average of the observed offers and details just how many daily offers OPIS tracks that are below the OPIS Rack Low, offering valuable insights into market dynamics.

Join our upcoming webinar to explore key markets, focusing on the best wholesale gasoline and diesel deals observed in 2023. Discover how the OPIS Bottom Line Report can boost your profitability in 2024. Gain a competitive edge in the fuel industry with actionable insights from OPIS.

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OPIS Bottom Line Report  

Discover prices under the OPIS Terminal Rack Low for wholesale gasoline, diesel and ethanol

OPIS observes hundreds of branded and unbranded discounted prices. Many of these discounts are negotiated privately as deals under the OPIS Terminal Rack Low. The OPIS Bottom Line Report brings transparency to these “bottom line” values.

We also factor in Temporary Voluntary Allowances (TVAs) and volume discounts to determine the lowest wholesale purchase price.