Live gasoline, diesel and jet fuel pricing ticker helps you anticipate market volatility and better time your sales/purchases to save money.

NYMEX oil futures fluctuate wildly on domestic and global events. This impacts the bulk physical spot refined product market, which spikes and dives in response to any supply chain disruption. And at 6pm every day, spot price moves directly translate to increases or reductions at the wholesale rack, which ripple down to gas and diesel prices at the pump.

The OPIS Spot Ticker connects you to this fuel price influence chain – in real-time, all day long. This web-based tool shows live NYMEX prices alongside real-time trades and expert assessments of every grade of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel East of the Rockies and on the U.S. West Coast. 

To keep fuel costs under control, maintain supplier credit and turn spot market volatility to your advantage, you need visibility into price swings as they happen.

Preview the OPIS Spot Ticker free for 10 days to access live fuel prices.