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Manage carbon neutrality commitments with access to compliance and voluntary offsets markets pricing, real-time news and in-depth analysis.

Streamline how you track your associated costs and enhance your understanding of each market's unique dynamics and regulatory hurdles associated with net-zero policies with the OPIS Global Carbon Offsets Report.

OPISGlobalCarbonOffsetsReport-20210413-1-shadowKey Features & Benefits include:

  • 26 OPIS Voluntary REDD+ Credit physical assessments
  • CORSIA Eligible Offset (OPIS CEO) physical assessment
  • 10 California Carbon Offset (OPIS CCO) credit physical assessments
  • Carbon Offsets Trades log with a 30-day record of confirmed transactions in the offset credits markets
  • Breaking news coverage reveals trends and fundamentals impacting global voluntary carbon-market supply and demand
  • The IHS Markit Global Carbon Index tracks daily prices for the most liquid carbon futures markets