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The topic of carbon offsets has continued to evolve in response to the growing urgency of addressing climate change. In the present day, carbon offsets remain a relevant and contentious subject, with the view that carbon offsets are a valuable tool for facilitating the transition to a low-carbon economy. As the world intensifies efforts to combat climate change, the design, transparency, and regulation of carbon offset projects have become crucial areas of focus to ensure that they genuinely contribute to a more sustainable future.

The OPIS NGL and LPG carbon offsets introduce transparency to a market with minimal availability of commercial non-fossil products, yet a strong demand for NGLs and LPG. 

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Global Carbon Offsets Report 

Voluntary carbon markets and net-zero strategies gain visibility with a fair-price index

The commitment to carbon neutrality continues to grow as corporations and jurisdictions chart a course for net zero and airlines prepare for CORSIA compliance. By referencing the OPIS Global Voluntary Carbon Offsets prices in contracts, sellers can unlock investment potential and buyers can purchase with confidence knowing the market’s fair price.

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