EU Carbon Prices Go Global:

How CBAM Will Shape the Rest of the Decade


Discover how CBAM is already affecting industries worldwide 

The European Union’s carbon border tariff is perhaps the most stringent measure forcing producers and manufacturers to pay for the carbon emissions embedded within their goods in the steel, cement, and other industrial sectors. A current measuring and reporting phase is in place and exporters will begin to pay the EU’s carbon price in 2026.

Learn more about how this measure is already affecting industry worldwide and its implications ahead of the end of the decade. 

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Global Carbon Offsets Report 

Voluntary carbon markets and net-zero strategies gain visibility with a fair-price index

The commitment to carbon neutrality continues to grow as corporations and jurisdictions chart a course for net zero and airlines prepare for CORSIA compliance. By referencing the OPIS Global Voluntary Carbon Offsets prices in contracts, sellers can unlock investment potential and buyers can purchase with confidence knowing the market’s fair price.

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