New Pathways for Today's Plastics Manufacturers

Sustainable. Circular. Green. Blue. Recycled. Upcycled. Reusable. Bio-based. Biodegradable. Credits. Offsets. The dictionary is expanding for the manufacturing world. Stopping practices that degrade the planet is not enough. Creating and supporting the convenient world we live in now carries the mission of being a part of the solution to Save Our Planet. Fortunately, technology & innovation have evolved to offer solutions that are not only good for the environment but finally make good business sense.

The team at PCW by OPIS, a Dow Jones Company have been in the same quagmire as you – what is the way? What are the correct phrases, technologies, processes and how are these new markets priced?

We’ve developed a webinar that addresses and explains the many new pathways being explored by today’s manufacturing leaders. They include:

  • Mechanical recycling
  • Chemical recycling
  • Non-petroleum-based & carbon neutral feedstocks
  • Mass balancing
  • Plastic credits
In this webinar recording,  Kathy Hall, PCW by OPIS’ Executive Director of Global Petrochemicals, walks you through the benefits and challenges of recycled and virgin plastics.

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