This webinar comes just as the country gets to the true months that may provide the summer of sizzle. Tune to see what might likely happen to U.S. and international markets in the crunch months of July and August with a sneak peek at September.

Our leading fuel experts walk you through hot topics that the refining, retail and wholesale fuel markets and investment communities facing.

Attend and discover what's happening in these markets:


  • Find out which measures to fight soaring fuel inflation might gain traction or have an impact and which steps might be futile? Measures include a Gas Tax holiday, Environmental Waivers, Jones Act waivers, export curbs and speedbumps, restarting idle refining; and backstops for producers.
  • Discover why August is the critical month during hurricane season and what might occur simply due to precautionary shutdowns, let alone damaged refineries. All hurricanes that make U.S. landfall destroy gasoline demand for a period but it’s the rare storm that impacts supply. Will this year be different and why?
  • Get an assessment of what environmental waivers might do to areas that require conventional gasoline and those that mandate reformulated blends. What would it mean if the two types of gasoline were commingled or if the Biden Administration increased REID vapor pressure thresholds?
  • See the second quarter path of wholesale rack prices and why it evokes memories of Katrina for gasoline and diesel. Discover why some refiners have put a moratorium on all future term deals tied to spot indices.
  • Are predictions of shaky electrical grids a cry wolf syndrome or could this be a year where electric problems suppress U.S. refinery runs.
  • Will the U.S. continue to be a net exporter of gasoline and a huge net exporter of diesel? Or, might that change later this year and in 2023 when new large complex refineries are commissioned throughout the world.

Retailers and Wholesalers

  • Get a look at the changing face of gasoline demand. There are big losers and winners in the post-Covid area and we’ll take a look at both ends of the spectrum. Where has demand destruction reared its head and where has it not. Find out why demand for “paper barrels” may be goosing gasoline prices higher with spurts of buying from passive investment funds, typical commodity money managers and individuals looking to diversify what typically were stock & bond portfolios.
  • Discover why retail gasoline is still the “best house in a lousy neighborhood.”
  • Find out where the regional hot spots for fuel prices are in coming months. Discover why the bookends of the country may be particularly at risk. You’ll hear why midcontinent fundamentals may be entirely different in the Rocky Mountains than in typical PADD2 states.
  • See what is under consideration by the White House as they struggle to mitigate record prices for every state in the country.
  • Understand how to measure margins against this strange and unequal backdrop for wholesale prices. Why are implied margins of 15-20cts gal often misleading?


  • Discover why the investment return for renewable diesel is no longer what it was years ago.
  • Find out if the futures and physical bulk markets are broken. See why there is some truth to that criticism and why standards in effect for 20+ years may be outdated.
  • Have huge commodity inflows changed the way that gasoline, crude and diesel perform? What might be under consideration by the commodity futures trading commission if the Biden Administration looks for curbs on bullish investment.
  • How might a U.S. recession impact petroleum commodities and other top commodity performers?
  • Beware of bank and investment house appraisals of gasoline demand – OPIS measures actual volumes pumped and the story is distinct from mobility data that is pumped by speculators or investors with a vested interest.

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