Rely on the recognized industry benchmark for spot ethylene and propylene transactions every day. 

The OPIS PetroChem Wire Daily provides 400+ prices for key monomers and polymers that reflects how markets really trade.

Players in the petrochemical industry work in market segments of different size, separate regulations, divergent pricing and varying levels of liquidity and transparency. Successful decision-making in such a fragmented supply chain requires timely and reliable information with a broad perspective.

Delivered to your inbox at the end of each trading day, the PetroChem Wire Daily delivers an independent summary of each day's closing prices and activity in all petrochemical markets, with a focus on spot ethylene and propylene markets.

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Key benefits include:

  • Daily PGP, RGP, PE, PP and PS prices and forward curves
  • The most complete olefins daily deal list
  • Month-to-date weighted and calendar averages for ethylene, RGP and PGP
  • Same-day news about steam cracker plant outages, startups and force majeure motions
  • Incisive market commentary valued by a readership composed of every major petrochemical and refining company in the business

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