Don't waste time searching for important fuel industry news you need now.

As COVID-19 continues to impact oil markets, you can't afford to miss out on critical industry news during this volatile time. OPIS Intraday News Alerts deliver up-to-the-minute coverage on the latest factors influencing the downstream markets so you can make better business decisions. If there is a refinery problem, pipeline outage, regulatory update or any other event influencing downstream fuel distribution, you’ll learn about it immediately.

Customize a free 5-day trial to include one, two or all three of the following:

Refined products news alerts

  • Get coverage of all major spot markets, futures and crude oil.
  • Learn about mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies and assets on the market.
  • Understand supply and demand with editorial context.
  • Prepare for RVP switchovers and fuel spec changes.
  • Ensure compliance with current and proposed legislation.
  • React to pipeline schedules that impact supply and refinery problems that alter fuel production.

LP Gas news alerts

  • Learn how domestic and international developments impact North American NGLs.
  • Understand how natural gas production influences NGL pricing and supply.
  • Get coverage of all LPG major hubs.
  • Estimate increasing demand for LNG imports.
  • Track refinery outages that alter production.

Biofuels news alerts

  • Discover changes to programs like RFS2, LCFS and Cap-and-Trade.
  • Daily Market Overview email includes closing spot ethanol and biodiesel assessments, all 4 types of RIN values, LCFS values and a natural gasoline (denaturant) spot snapshot. 
  • Understand how European and Brazilian markets are influencing biofuels production and export/imports.
  • React to transportation problems that impact regional supplies.
  • Daily Refined Spot Biofuels Deal Log shows a daily overview of RINs, LCFS and CFP credit transactions to better track their pricing trends.

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