Understand the fuel chain from start to finish. 


Buying fuel is confusing. Download this 3-part educational e-Book series for a step by step understanding of how fuel moves through the supply chain and how gasoline and diesel are priced at each level along the way. 

Whether you're a brand new fuel buyer, or an industry veteran, you'll want to keep this training document handy to help you navigate the complex world of buying gasoline and diesel.

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Part 1: Futures & Spot Markets
  • The key elements of the futures market 
  • The simplest explanation of spot basis.
  • Critical differences between the futures and the spot markets.
  • How spot fuel is priced -- and how to keep up with trader lingo.

Part 2: The Wholesale Rack Market

  • How spot prices impact rack prices -- we'll walk you through a detailed example of how this works in practice.
  • Why it's critical to know which fuel specs are required in your market.
  • What factors suppliers consider when pricing fuel.
Part 3: The Retail Market
  • Who sets the retail price at the station, how it is calculated.
  • How market competition and brands have changed in the last 20 years.
  • The different types of retail fuel sellers and how they purchase fuel.