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OPIS LPG Export White Paper


What's In the White Paper?

Where are U.S. propane exports headed next? The post-shale era, during which U.S. LPG prices decoupled from international benchmarks, may have passed due to a shift in how export capacity expansions play on U.S. stock levels. Propane prices in 2017 entered a new phase that made many wonder if the era of cheap LPG was over. In this whitepaper, Karen Tang, Managing Editor, OPIS Europe LPG, examines the current market and lays out trends that stand to shape the future –
in which Mont Belvieu will be an influencer.

About the Author


Karen Tang
Managing Editor, OPIS Europe LPG

Karen joined the OPIS team to cover the European LPG markets. She has been involved in the LPG market since 2007. She is based in New York, and previously worked in London as a reporter at Argus Media and a market analyst at Saudi Aramco. Karen is from Sydney and has lived abroad in China and Spain. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New South Wales.