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Simple Answers to Your Fuel Industry Questions

The world runs on fuel. From upstream resources (think crude oil, natural gas, or coal) to refined products (your gasoline or diesel), fuel is a thriving business sector and of critical importance to virtually everyone. 

Each episode of the OPIS Crash Course podcast is designed to provide deeper understanding and necessary context about critical areas of the industry that you and your team need to grasp in order to buy and sell fuel commodities with confidence. Subscribe to the podcast to be notified as soon as new episodes are released! 

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itunes_1400x1400Episode 0: What is OPIS?

In our pilot episode of OPIS Crash Course, we meet with Scott Berhang, the VP of Global Sales for OPIS. Scott has been a part of OPIS since 1981. In fact, he was OPIS’ third employee! Scott kicks off our podcast with a foundation of what OPIS does and how we go about it.

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