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Authored by OPIS’s longtime oil market analysts, Tom Kloza and Denton Cinquegrana, this sixteen-page forecast includes exclusive commentary, analysis, charts and graphs showing key trends in the spot, rack and retail fuel landscapes. Download now for our expert predictions on what 2018 has in store for downstream energy markets. Content highlights include:

  • We reveal what factor is the most volatile and controversial element in the supply and pricing picture with widespread implications on outright gasoline and diesel prices, refinery runs, imports, exports and the fortunes or failures of refiners, blenders and other marketers.
  • Crude oil: our pricing and spread for WTI and Brent and how global supply may play out over the year.
  • Predictions for nationwide average retail gasoline prices and analysis of factors influencing 2018 pricing including flat demand, tightening production, growing importance of offshore markets and changing import/export landscape.
  • Drama over diesel to come? Our outlook on prices as the world prepares for much lower sulfur standards for marine vessels.
  • An extensive look at Hurricane Harvey’s devastation to refineries and how its memory – and effect on markets – may linger into 2018.
  • Overall market dynamics including volatility, seasonality, higher octane needs and our thoughts on whether U.S. production and export records will be broken (or not) in 2018.

Meet the authors:

 Tom Kloza Tom Kloza
Global Head of Energy Analysis

OPIS 2018 Outlook Forecast

 Denton Cinquegrana Denton Cinquegrana
Chief Oil Analyst